Holographic Horror

Lanier is clearly leaping instead of taking a step-by-step approach in chapter 8. He discussed a rather interesting topic which he referred to as “telegigging”, which is essentially a digital projection of a live performance. I don’t think Lanier realizes the dimensions that his idea encompasses. To be quite honest, when I read the first couple lines I thought that he was going to encourage actors,musicians and the like to revamp human entertainment and to re-capture the attention of the “techy people”. Instead, he suggested something to add to the ever growing technological advancements.

Why take away the elements of a live performance? As a musician I refuse to accept Lanier’s proposal – he attributes his new proposal to the fact that this enhancement is a possible money making scheme. But so what? Money is not everything , how fun can it really be for a performer to tape performances of themselves ? If I hired a musician for a party I would appreciate his presence because I paid for it, I didn’t pay for colourful one-sided projections. How is a “telegig” in any way interactive? Live performances are supposed to be an experience for both the consumer as well as the performer, for instance a “live” comedy show… I would love to see a “telegig” version of that because performances as such requires improvisation, so my question to Lanier is: how can a holographic comedy show be created? Because you can’t have prior knowledge of what the crowd is going to be like, so how would one go about presenting something like this?

I must admit that there are advantages : the performance would be flawless, cost effective (since you wouldn’t have to pay for travel expenses etc) and the special effects would probably go beyond our brain capacity- all-in-all, a pretty good show. Nonetheless, I think to myself where’s the fun in all of this? Yes, initially there would be a huge impact, people are going to be astonished by the new technology but it will be a phase. People like live entertainment and I mean live in terms of seeing the real individual not a projection of them. There is no way I am going to pay for a concert where the person isn’t physically present because holographic images remind me of television images. Aren’t you tired of staring at screens and lights that are so bright, they hurt your eyes and impair your eye sight? Why does technology always have to be the answer? My prediction is that holograms will die out just like 3D…although this is the year of 3D movies and televisions- but the phase will soon die out if it hasn’t started already. What is the point of putting on shades to watch your own television? All you have to do is go outside, it really doesn’t get more 3D than that.

Unfortunately, I came across a short article/video that rivals almost everything that I wrote in this blog entry : http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/07/touchable_holograms.html . Apparently some university students in Tokyo are trying to create touchable holograms. It never stops.

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http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/07/touchable_holograms.html .


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