Don’t put all your eggs in one Net

Chapter 5 is all about music, money, fame and hope. Lanier made an attempt to state the truth-the truth about the internet not paving the way for many and just for a select few. I would have to agree with him with respect to his statement, because within the past few years we’ve put so many dreams and placed literally all our hopes on the internet somehow thinking that we’re all going to get “discovered”. It reminds me of the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” which is what we’ve done. We’ve placed all our dreams, our hopes in the internet. The internet is our basket and we willingly placed our eggs there. When you really think about it, only a select few have benefited from the open culture..a couple inventors, some singers, comedians … the list can go on. But…where are they today? Yes, we established the fact that they got recognition and their 15 minutes of fame, but was that enough? I pretty much doubt that’s what they wanted, I’m sure they expected that fame to last for a life time- instead, they got mentioned on CNN or some other news channel…maybe some increased views on their YouTube video, but that’s pretty much it- the fun ends at some point.

I don’t blame the internet or its creators, because in life we have choices. Everyone had a choice if they wanted to actively take part in the open culture movement or not, the internet does not force anyone to use it as their sole medium. You have to willingly participate and thus take risks. Moreover, let’s not forget that it is an effective medium, although some people did not receive the recognition they desired, it still provides a source of good advertising because it reaches out to masses of people all over the world. Even though e-commerce businesses such as Amazon and Netflix are just a few that made it but look at EBAY’s services, virtually anyone can become a sales person on the internet, so all is not lost. I wouldn’t advise anyone to invest all their time into establishing themselves on the internet, that makes absolutely no sense, I would advise people to use all possible options don’t just put all your hopes on one thing alone because what if it fails? Which means that all your time and effort would have gone down the drain. The internet does not guarantee anything, it’s simply an option, an inexpensive one. But use it at your own risk, prepare for possible downfalls or failed operations, do not depend on it solely. Like anything else, the internet too can fail.

Today I would like to end my blog with this video from YouTube, the guy in this video (Tay Zonday) made a song called “Chocolate Rain” and he made it pretty far, although I have no clue what his intentions were he seemed to make it on the list of internet phenomena, which shows that anyone has a chance.


~ by fcalliste on July 26, 2010.

One Response to “Don’t put all your eggs in one Net”

  1. Well I have a blog dedicated to Tay Zonday and reviews of his music. You are correct that one should not put all their eggs in one basket. The interesting thing about YouTube is that most of the top non commercial people are homegrown. They did it as a past time, therapy, or to get critique of their music or craft. Watch some of the My You Tube Story series. Many of them aren’t regulars on tv though most have parlayed YouTube into commercials, product endorsements, iTune sales,and headliners at online media awards shows like the Webby’s , Streamy’s, You Tube live and most recently the Vidcon conference which took place in LA.

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