You’re Such An Ugly Troll

Chapter 3 of Lanier’s book caught me by surprise. In this chapter he presented the internet in ways that I have never thought about before, and being a constant internet user, you would think my mind ran across such subject matters at least once.

I have never heard the term “troll” before, I didn’t even know a term existed for bullies on the net. I didn’t know the human mind would actually listen and believe occupants in cyberspace. I was appalled upon discovering the “inner troll” and I felt particularly guilty when I realized that I too participated in such actions. I am a frequent user of youtube,I have my own account but I’ve never posted videos, in fear of ridicule of not just myself but of anything I could possibly post – so I avoid putting up videos altogether. However, for some strange,twisted reason I gain pleasure ridiculing others, that same ridicule I am afraid of. To me, commenting on a video anonymously is one of the best feeling ever, telling off someone and not worrying about them finding me is a personal vice of mine. Therefore my “inner troll” is wide awake within me, yet a few days ago I didn’t even know it existed. Funnily enough I stumbled upon a site that provided a series of guidelines that helps one to detect a troll : Therefore I have a question … is the internet encouraging a second personality within us?- Think about it, most of these “trolls” will never disrespect another human being like that during face-to-face confrontation, so I’m thinking maybe , just maybe the internet fuels a bitter ,angry side of us .

I started thinking like this when I read about the various suicide incidents. It freaked me out, I didn’t know the internet was so powerful, influential and seemingly dangerous.  Does the internet cause us to act bitter and hurtful to others because of anonymity or because we are capable of creating a fake identity? How can a mother (regardless of how protective she is) devise such a wicked plan to gain some kind of sick revenge on a young soul by planning in advance to trick and win a little girl’s heart. Send her hate messages and bully her via cyber space- I am still shocked. A poor girl is gone because of this, I really had no clue how detrimental the internet can be, it appears to be an uncontrollable monster that is beyond humankind and to me, that is petrifying.

On a lighter note, Lanier’s comment about the internet forming one huge single book is still a little far-fetched for me. I understand his point of view though, because I am aware that sites such as Google post books online etc and he fears that authentication and authorship would go down the drain. I would have to disagree because sites such as Google and the like ensure that full credit is given to which ever books they post and by this I mean the cover page, author and pretty much all the works. We shouldn’t worry too much about forming a single book, quite frankly I am elated that books and articles are posted on the internet because it saves me a boring trip to the library. Why go to the library and search through dusty shelves when the material is readily available on the internet. I understand his metaphorical reference though, he said the internet would become the Bible, which is supposedly our “go to” book, I don’t think we should be worried though because the informational aspect of the internet is more useful than harmful.



~ by fcalliste on May 28, 2010.

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